Haba Game Oath on the Crown

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Haba Game Oath on the Crown

The Knights of the Table Round choose a new leader. The players take turns raising their swords. However, caution is required, because not everyone is faithful to the crown. Who can estimate how many other players are in favor of the crown? Correct tips are rewarded with precious stones. The player with the most valuable collection wins the game.

15 gems in 5 different colors (3 each per color), 1 bag, 1 crown, 4 swords, 6 shield cards, 1 manual.

1. Place the crown and hidden shield cards on the table in the middle. Keep a bag with precious stones at hand. Everyone takes a sword.
2. Play in turn clockwise.
3. Secretly view two shield cards. Swords wave: everyone points to the order simultaneously with his sword to the crown or to the sky. Does the number on one of the two shield cards match the number of swords pointing at the crown? Take a gem out of the bag; nothing else.
4. Whoever is the first to have 2 gems of the same color or 4 gems of a different color wins the game!

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Lengte 240
Breedte 160
Hoogte 50
Brand Haba
Warranty 1 Year Factory Warranty